Grooms's Planning Calendar
Countdown to your Wedding Day

6 to 12 Months before your Wedding
  • Discuss with your fiancee the date and type of wedding you would like to have
  • Start planning and making the necessary arrangements for the honeymoon
  • Start on your guest list
  • Discuss and plan with your fiancee your new home together
  • Choose your best man and ushers
4 Months before your Wedding
  • Select your wedding rings
  • Select and order men's wedding attire with your fiance
  • Complete your guest list including full names, addresses, zip codes and phone numbers
  • Finalize all your honeymoon plans and send in any required deposits
  • Check requirements for blood test
  • Check requirements for marriage license
2 Months before your Wedding
  • Meet with officiant to finalize ceremony
  • Discuss financial arrangement for flowers
  • Assist parents with plans for the rehearsal dinner party
  • Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests
1 Month before your Wedding
  • Confirm that all attendants have been fitted and wedding attire has been ordered
  • Pick up wedding rings
  • Purchase gifts for best man and ushers
  • Take care of business and legal affairs (add bride's name to insurance policies and medical plans, make a new will, add her name to joint checking acc't and credit cards)
  • Purchase wedding gift for fiancee, if gifts are being exchanged
2 Weeks before your Wedding
  • Together with fiancee, gather necessary documents and get your marriage license
  • Have utilities and phone service turned on in the new home
  • Arrange wedding day transportation
  • Confirm accommodations for out-of-town guests
  • If moving, give change of address card to post office
The Week before your Wedding
  • Discuss all final details with fiancee; offer to assist if needed
  • See to it that you and your attendants are at the rehearsal and they know their duties
  • Pick up and try on wedding attire
  • Go over special seating or pew cards with ushers
  • See the attendants get their wedding attire
  • Arrange for gifts brought to the reception to be taken to your new home
  • Pack clothes for your honeymoon
  • Make sure luggage is in the car or the hotel where you will stay your first night
  • Confirm all honeymoon reservations
  • Go to bed early
  • If flying, make sure you have your plane tickets
On Your Wedding Day
  • Allow plenty of time to get dressed
  • Have the best man and maid-of-honor sign the wedding certificate as witnesses
  • Get to the ceremony location on time!
  • Dance first with your bride, then with both mothers and the bridesmaids
  • Give the best man the bride's wedding ring
  • Just before leaving the reception, thank the bride's parents, and say good bye to parents
  • Place the officiant's fee in a sealed envelope
  • Give it to the best man so he may present it after the ceremony. Don't forget to take the marriage license to the ceremony
  • Don't forget to take the marriage license to the ceremony
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