Schedule of Events During your Reception

  • Bridal Party Arrives at Reception Hall (DJ will greet you outside)
  • Formal Announcements of Bridal Party & Parents (DJ will line up)
    (This is done to music - you can pick the songs or the DJ can help you)
    Parents of the Bride
    Parents of the Groom
    Bridal Party
    Bride & Groom
  • Best Man's Toast / (Optional Maid / Matron of Honor Doing a Toast)
  • Prayer given by Minister or Family Member (Optional)
  • Dinner is Served (Dinner Music) (Pass out Music Request Sheets)
  • After Dinner, DJ will Play Game for Center Pieces (Optional)
  • Bridal Dances
    Bride & Groom
    Bridal Party & Parents
    Father & Daughter
    Mother & Son
    Any Other Additional Formal Dances (Step Parent?)
  • Open the Dance Floor for Dancing (Top 40 & Requested Music - 20 minutes)
    Play two slow songs - DJ will inform you about upcoming event
  • Cutting of the Cake (Push Cake for Fun)
  • Open the Dance Floor (Oldies - 20 minutes)
    Play two slow songs - DJ will inform you about upcoming event - During second slow song we have a Married Couple Dance - DJ will say The bride & groom appreciate you coming out and celebrating their wedding and in recognitaion of that, they want to have a Married Couple Dance, please come join the bride & groom on the dance floor.
  • Throwing of the Bouquet & Garter
    (Optional Skits) Ask about details
    Ball & Chain
    Garter Gags (Pull things out of dress - DJ will inform when to stuff your dress)
    Blink Fold the Guy Who Catches the Garter
  • Money Dance (Dollar Dance)
  • Rest of the Night of Dancing & Fun (Club Music & Interaction)
  • Optional Things
    Bridal & Groom Dance as soon as you walk in
    Dinner Trivia (During dinner we play How well do you know the Bride & Groom) these are questions you make up.
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